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Behind the Shot: Flint Hills Storm Panorama

When it comes to travel, nature, or outdoor photography, I don't believe there is one perfect formula for getting "the shot." Often assignments or shoots will go according to plan - if there is a plan - others you'll have to show patience and sit on a location until the lighting is right. So far my record for staying at a location for the light to turn was four hours, but that's another blog post. The common factor that runs through all these types of photography is unpredictability - whether it be human nature or mother nature.

Then there are those instances where spontaneously you are at the right place at the right time. That would be this shot. I wasn't storm chasing, actually the opposite I was on my way to an event. But, I happen to have my camera on me. This is why it's important to keep your camera with you at all times.

Exciting off the Interstate, I pulled to the side of the road and started snapping. The storm was moving quickly so I knew I needed to act fast, plus I was now running late to the event. It's not ideal, but you do what you have to. The light was constantly changing, and then it happened a rainbow formed. (insert mic drop)

I was in the Flint Hills, unfortunately you don't get the full impact of the landscape in this shot. If I had planned it, I can think of a number of other locations that would have been more scenic. The focus is the storm though. Having the road in the bottom gives a size reference and shows the magnitude of the system.


Image: Panoramic, 8 vertical shots stitched together using Lightroom

Stability: Hand held

Camera: Nikon D7100

ISO: 400

F-Stop: 8

Aperture: 1/100

Lens: 18mm


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