National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day is January 28. Why is there a special day to plan a vacation? Because in America over 768 million vacation days a year go unused - and I’m one of the guilty. Each year I make a goal to use all my vacation days and then find myself saying things like “I can’t take anytime off, I’m too busy” or “I’m behind now, just think what I’ll come back to.” What days I do take are typically tacked on when I travel on business. There is a term for this - “bleisure” business-leisure travel. This year I planning for three road trips, two through Kansas and one in Canada - plus my annual trip to Texas will be bringing back to Dallas.

Trends are showing an improvement in today’s work culture. Based on findings from US Travel, employers are more likely to encourage vacations and employees are feeling confident to take the time they’ve earned. I’ve read articles on businesses not only requiring their employees to take time off but they are not allowed to check work email or anything else work-related while on vacations.

Why is taking a vacation is important?

Vacations are important to both our mental and emotional health - they are know to improve happiness, boost morale, prevent burnout, and reduce stress. Also, there’s a chance that by not taking a vacation your missing out on a promotion or raise. I know how it sounds, but the numbers don’t lie. It’s been proven that travelers feel greater happiness which

Ideas to Help Plan Your Next Vacation:

Plan Ahead

This is two-fold. First, the sooner you plan the sooner you can start booking. Booking early can save your budget - cheaper flights and take advantage of special offers. The second is giving your employer enough notice. Researchers for US Travel found that 91% managers want to approve vacation requests, but 43 percent say they are sometimes unable to because their employees did not provide enough notice.

Start Small

If the idea of taking a week-long vacation is an overwhelming thought, start with a weekend getaway - take off Friday and/or Monday and travel near home. Sometimes I break my week up by taking Thursday and Friday and then the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It’s a full week, but since it’s broken up it feels more manageable. There is no written rule.

Be a Local Tourist

If you are ready to take time off but don’t have the budget for faraway destination, then a staycation is what you need. Be a tourist in your home city or a nearby community. A vital part of vacations is enjoying the mental break they offer - that might come from a hammock in your backyard instead of beach.