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Photo Tour: Texas Capitol

Austin is a town where there is no shortage of things to do, food to eat and good music to listen to - and if you’re a fan of architecture and/or history then the Texas State Capitol is where you need to go.

Now, living in a capital city, and working in a government position, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in the Kansas Capitol. So when I find myself in another capital city I tend to want to scope out their Capitol building - and Texas, as you can imagine, did not disappoint.

Here are five things that I learned about the Capitol on my visit.

  • In the rotunda, on the floor, there is a collection of six seals that represent all the flags that have flown over the state. They are Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas and the United States.

  • Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the Capitol building. It is the largest Capitol in the US, and at a respectable 302 feet, it’s nearly 15 feet than the US Capitol.

  • Texas' Capitol has not one but two rotundas - an interior and exterior. The floor of the exterior rotunda is a mirror to the interior dome.

  • Giving its height the extra push is the Goddess of Liberty that stands atop the dome. The statue was crafted by welding 80 pieces of zinc into four parts - legs, two arms, and her head. At its completion, in 1888 a crew hoisted each section to the top of the dome and used large screws to hold her together.

  • The Capitol grounds are over 20 acres in the heart of Austin, overlooking the downtown. Along with the Capitol, you can see 17 monuments and when I was there they had a beautiful live oak that’s bent entirely over the sidewalk.

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