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How "Drinks with a Friend" Turned into an Impromptu Photo Shoot

As a photographer, I've learned whether I'm traveling abroad or enjoying a quiet night with friends here in my hometown always be prepared because you never know where you'll be when "the shot" opportunity presents itself.

Last week, my friend (and fellow content creator) Logan and I got together for evening drinks at the Cyrus Hotel's restaurant The Weather Room in downtown Topeka. Having been to The Weather Room many times before, I knew they always bring their "A" game when it comes to presentation and service.

Arriving with my camera in tow, we ordered drinks - Logan went with their Smoked Old Fashioned. Which drinking is only half of the experience with this cocktail, it's fully immersive. Watching the bartender work his magic crafting the drink, while the scent of charred wood hangs in the air.

The evening sun had cast a remarkable natural light that we couldn't pass up. These were all shot using my Nikon 750, accompanied by one of my all-time favorite lens the Nikon 50mm 1.8. Setting the lens at f 2.2 to create the depth of field and mood I wanted. Sure we received some stares from the other patrons, but the bartenders and waitstaff were very accommodating - even asking if we'd like them to refresh the smoke between shots. Which we graciously accepted.

This wasn't my first shoot at the Cyrus, it's also one of my favorite places to shoot branding headshots and portraits.

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