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Photo Tour: Eisenhower Presidential Museum

For over a year, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Museum in Abilene, Kansas has gone through a complete redesign of its exhibit space. Now opened, the museum tells the story of President Eisenhower and wife Mamie through historical artifacts, documents, digital interactives and multiple theater-seating video areas.

Visitors to the Presidential Museum discover the man that Eisenhower was beyond his years as a five-star general and 34th President of the United States. For the full experience, I encourage anyone visiting to start by touring the Boyhood Home, then the museum, followed by the Presidential Library and last the Place of Mediation - the resting place of Eisenhower, Mamie and the first son Icky who died in childhood.

If you're planning to take the full tour give yourself about three hours. It took two hours to complete the museum itself.


I'm as big a fan of Mamie Eisenhower as I am of Pres. Eisenhower, with the new concept the museum keeps Mamie story sawn throughout. From her the life of a military wife to being First Lady, including a special exhibit filled with fashion pieces.


Every component is so well done and the attention to detail is spot on. The museum caters too many interests - American, military and Presidential history - and travelers are sure to find something they can connect too. As I walked through the museum I felt there are a number of topics that are still very relevant today.

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